Chained or Charmed?? Cuff or Bangle?

Bangles are very popular worldwide but in India, they are a part of the tradition and culture.

They have come a long way from being just worn with Indian outfits to having an International appeal. They have changed their form, colour, material, style and have become an iconic must have.

Some of the styles available are: Chained / Link, Charmed & Cuff.

I have collected some of the best and fashionable bangles you can possibly find


tumblr_mnitaqpjlR1s29e84o1_500 Gold_charm_bracelet IMG_3818 tumblr_ls09581bs01qdgs9ao1_500 tumblr_lykxm7AxSX1r4o890o1_500 tumblr_m5wiexUPb21qenr6eo1_500 tumblr_m8prh6sk261rqnskro1_500 tumblr_m477d2G9GF1qk52upo1_500 SONY DSC Gol-Beads-on-Kansa-Wrap-1007x1024


482002_361663927235802_1021158847_n 527268_399713566764171_1135609575_n 17584_448916961843831_932205944_n 156459_341177585951103_1569682458_n 248402_385853448150183_1451601609_n 252659_351322408269954_1757613247_n 303303_319448971457298_1332403137_n 311692_365031656899029_1882607179_n 394605_371080672960794_1548215694_n 396823_368125149923013_931799890_n 404197_270533726348823_1945332385_n 422257_273486992720163_1413231487_n 431074_281781225224073_1971769690_n


2 responses to “Chained or Charmed?? Cuff or Bangle?

  1. Love how jewellery has developed through the years and how bangles are part of the ‘western’ look as well as the traditional look. Great to see cultures merge and inspiration being taken from many aspects of our world 🙂

    • Hey Bhavika,
      I totally agree, I love the fact the versatility of bracelets/bangles…
      Thanks for stopping by…

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