Dangle your Bangle!

Bangle or Bracelet; whatever you call it’ its here to STAY!!!

Celebs all over the world are drooling over this wrist-accessory.

Its so versatile, that it can be clubbed with a simple jeans and tee, an evening gown, Indian outfits, skirts, formal suits; you name it and I am certain, there will be a bangle to match your style.

Let’s look at some obsessed celebrities, who are dangling their bangles!!!

1scbangle3 arm-party-2 Bipasha+Basu+Bracelets+Cuff+Bracelet+EeRLVcmZKm5l chan-luu-lady-gaga-leather-wrap-bracelet Deepika-launch-womens-health-pics el4 eva-longoria-435 f4dc6__09d6effc nicole-richie-435 rihanna_red_hair_bra_bangles_b Victoria-Beckham--Elle-MacPherson-crop.jpg Kim+Kardashian+Bracelets+Bangle+Bracelet+yp4c0L8E1o3l Rihanna+Bracelets+Bangle+Bracelet+upCxyNKWm2Al




Glitter all the way!!! (Heels & Clutches)


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