Perfume 101

I love my perfumes, I can never have enough of them (and I don’t!)..

But where should you wear perfume and how much to suit each occasion???

Here is your answer:

Perfume 101


Now, how much to wear, depending upon the occasion??


 (1 – neck, 2 – décolletage, 3 – wrist, 4 – back of the neck under hair, 5 – hair, 6 – back of a knee, 7 – ankle; R/L – left/right side)

  • For the office (dependent on the strength of the perfume): 1R3L or1R1L3L or 1R1L23L
  • For a meeting in a small conference room: 3L2 or 3L4, preferably in parfum concentration
  • For a weekend day (running errands): 1R1L3L3R, sometimes I add2 or 4
  • For a plane ride or to a concert hall: 3R
  • For a big party: the full scale from 1 to 7 and back

So, now you are ready to smell AWESOME!!!

Woman applying perfume


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