Crazy Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for all seasons!!

But be sure to experiment with them, don’t be afraid to try unique, cool, crazy and edgy designs.

All our favorite celebs are going crazy with these experimental designs, so must we!!!

You may visit my earlier post to check what style frames suit your face on Sunglasses to suit your face and then get inspired from the below frames…

main.original.466x530(7) Kim-Kardashian-Butterfly-Sunglasses-Trend-2012-520x661 main.original.466x530(5)


main.original.466x530(6) main.original.466x530(9) main.original.466x530(10) main.original.466x530(11) main.original.466x530(13) main.original.466x530(14) main.original.466x530(16) main.original.466x530(17)

137146,xcitefun-8 137147,xcitefun-7 137149,xcitefun-5 137151,xcitefun-3 (1) CULT14 gold-oval images (1) images la modella mafia Topshop Unique round sunglasses $45 via unique-oversized-warp-frame-detail-sunglasses


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