Edge Up Your Fingers With Knuckle Ring

Knuckle rings made their first appearance during the 80s, hibernated for a bit, and have come back with a vengeance!

The knuckle rings of today have a little bit more flair to them; and designers have used their creative juices to conjure up some pretty unique looking pieces.

This style can range from the very elegant/classy to “In you face” edginess, lets look how are celebs are wearing them…

mary-kate-olsen-the-hangover-premiere mOIhfPptQSPBYsSVyfCMbhg olsen rule-breakers-knuckle-ring uvHxqqtyE9nl $(KGrHqRHJEgE88d2NTv!BPYChSPklg~~60_35 2dce408a57b9b169_Fergie-four-knuckle-rng.xxxlarge_1 1546-nicole-richie-blackbook-magazine-april-09-8 Christina_Aguilera_Latina_Magazine_March_2012 Foto8-Celebrities-Knuckle-Ring-o-Anillo-Falange-Accesorio-Hot-glamgodu Foto16-Celebrities-Knuckle-Ring-o-Anillo-Falange-Accesorio-Hot-glamgodu heidi klum November 19, 2009 (1) heidiklum_loveleave_atl_2411 Billboard's 4th Annual Women In Music knuckle ring mary-kate-loree-rodkin-ring 07lassss



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