Bling Belts

Princess Leia popularized the metallic belt in the 70s, but it’s fashion-forward celebs like Gwen StefaniKim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow who are making the gold belt trend happen now. They’ve been spotted adding a touch of glam to their red carpet gowns with gold belts.

Selena+Gomez+Belts+Metallic+Belt+Q3aJ99m62Wul amanda_seyfried article-2119559-124E80A1000005DC-822_306x578 article-2480523-191614E900000578-529_634x789 b0bfed7f78566fab_Kerry-Washington beyonceDM2210_228x541 celeb_style_metal_belts Chitrangada-in-Nikhil-Thampi-with-Metal-belt d652e297f51b4195_Kate-Mara ebf4a83351aa0659_Jessica-Biel.preview get the look - kim kardashian maxi skirt 2 humaquresi_metal_belt Jessica+Alba+Belts+Metallic+Belt+gJshP2ik684l kim_kardashian leona-lewis main.original.466x530 (1) main.original.466x530 metal-belt_1 metal-belts-11 Metallic-Belts Michelle+Obama+Belts+Metallic+Belt+TkvetLwaeJEl



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