Frames to suit your Face

Choosing the right frames can be challenging, but I found this great way pictorial to help us choose frames as per the shape of our face…

Heart Face– Avoiding frames that are too top heavy with decoration and width. You want a clean, simple temple along the sides as well. Something airy and rimless will lighten up wider portions, or butterfly and cat eye frames would work well, too.

Best frames for your face shape 3

Square Face– Round or oval eyeglass frames will soften and add contrast to strong facial features. A cat-eye will help to contour, and subtle rimless frames with really soft edges will add contrast to otherwise prominent features. If you choose a pair with a forgiving upper edge, it will help divert attention from a strong jaw line.

Best frames for your face shape

Round – Rectangular frames will help to sharpen the soft curves of a rounded face. Frames with sharp angles will also help to lengthen the face and a clear bridge will widen the eyes. Try to pick frames that are more horizontal than vertical, and avoid anything too circular or oval.

Best frames for your face shape 1

Oval Face– The balanced proportions of an oval face make it a shape that works well with most frames. A good rule of thumb is to find a pair that is as wide as the broadest part of your face, or try walnut-shaped frames that aren’t too narrow.

Best frames for your face shape 2



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