Celebs love Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs are back from the 80s; but in a new avatar – from a punk-rock statement, they have this time modernized to suit a wide variety of styles and occasions.

The ear cuff can be subtle or bold.  From full-on spikes, to diamonds, to basic metals, to electric pops of color, these babies are perfect for adding a subtle-yet-potent amount of “WOW” to your look.

Check out how our celebs are flaunting them..

Ear-Cuff-Earrings eyebroe-and-fergie-catilage-ear-piercings how-to-wear-ear-cuff-trend-02 how-to-wear-ear-cuff-trend-main nicole-richie-met-ball-hair-color-gray-w724 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Paris Premiere At Le Grand Rex repossi-berbere-earrings-halle sienna trends-ear cuff-05 trends-ear cuffs 7uHZVZKKXZxl 061113-must-have-jewelry-ear-cuff-1-400 article-0-1333FFE5000005DC-857_634x933 BFA3F84E69804F3EFB9E24E46ACFE7_h467_w598_m2_q90_cjnYQGwPJ Cara_Delevingne_Chanel_earcuff1 ear-cuff (1) ear-cuff




Haute Hologram


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