EASTER is here! And how can we not celebrate it, right??

So keeping up with the tradition of celebrating everything in style, I bring you FASHION inspired EASTER eggs..

Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_4 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_5 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_6 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_7 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_8 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_9 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_10 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_11 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_12 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_13 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_14 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_15 Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_16Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oompheliciousHappy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_1Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_2Happy_Easter_Fashion_Eggs_oomphelicious_3

AND Ofcourse, How could I forget the Easter BUNNY!!!




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