Would you like to wear a donut today?

As much as Statement & Chunky Necklaces are in vogue, our most daring Fashionistas aren’t afraid to try out something unique!!!

I am most certain, you will instantly fall in love with these adorable Mini Food Jewellery..

I admit,they are definitely not for everyone, but I am sure you wont mind jewelry that calls for eyeballs staring at you..

So which Mini Food are you in the mood for today? Coffee? Popcorn? or Cupcake?

mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_4 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_3 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_35 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_2 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_34 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_22 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_1 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_33 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_24 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_36 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_29 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_31 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_28 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_32 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_13 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_30 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_25 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_16 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_23 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_11 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_15 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_7 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_20 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_17 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_10 mini_food_jewelry_oomphelicious_21


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