Metallic Belts – a staple for DIVAs

Any outfit can be given a instant glam quotient with a metallic belt and our DIVAs know that better than anyone else..

A simple hint of gold/silver/copper adds a thousand watts to your outfit, hence metallic belts are a staple for every wardrobe…

metallic_belt_oomphmumbaimetallic_belt_oomphmumbai_19metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_2metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_3metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_4metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_5metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_6metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_7metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_8metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_9metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_10metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_11metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_12metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_14 metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_16metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_17metallic_belt_oomphmumbai_18 Bollywood-actresses-fashion-kareena-kapoor

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